Two small snow dogs standing on the ice

One of my favorite poems is written by the poet Mark Nepo. The poem is about the art of netting. This concept of netting is about how the “net” helps to distribute the weight and suffering of life between two people. I think it is a beautiful poem about friendship, authenticity, and the need for community. I think about “netting” almost everyday and how I have been lucky enough to be on the receiving end of someone holding the net for me and in return have been the provider of the net for others. The art of netting has taught me the value of staying present and truly listening to someone else. The most important lesson it has taught me that in order for someone to be the net for you you have to let them in and share your authentic heart.

The art of netting is ever present on the farm too. This may seem like a stretch to some but there is no greater net casted than one from a Great Pyrenees Dog to her livestock. She never takes a day off no matter the weather and often stays up all night to protect her herd. She is always watching, protecting, and casting a big net. This net is beautiful and loyal. I am grateful that I get to witness countless other “nets” on the farm. Sometimes these nets are between animals. Other times its witnessing the relaxed shoulders and smiles I see from people when visiting with the animals – another beautiful net.

This week I look forward to diving deeper into my animal assisted therapy program and learning more about the animal human bond. I am hopeful that the therapy farm will become an even bigger net for others. What/who have been some of the biggest nets in your life? I would love to hear! Thanks to my yoga teacher Miranda for being a net and introducing me to the poems of Mark Nepo.

Super fun happenings for the remainder of September on the farm!

Join us on September 16, 23, 24, or 30 for a goat hike!

Join us on September 23 or 30 for a soap making class and tour of the farm. Make your holiday gifts this year and learn the art and science of cold process soap making.

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Next Women Farmer Farm Market Day October 7! The farm will be open to the public from 10:00 AM – 2:30PM. More details to come!