Farmstead Goat Cheese

When we opened Gretta’s Goats in 2010 our main goal was to produce farmstead cheese from goats that graze on fresh pasture. Animal Welfare was our top priority. We immediately discovered that start up costs for our dairy were a barrier. We built a successful artisan soap business while farming on leased land that helped us to slowly build our farm operation. In 2013 we purchased a 25 acre farm with abundant pasture and the infrastructure that would allow us to manufacture cheese in a way that supported our values of animal welfare first. We began construction of our micro dairy in late 2015 and became a licensed manufactured dairy facility in September 2016. We currently are growing our herd to assist with the demand for our cheese. We produce our cheese in small batches and deliver our product to our customers nearly as quickly as we make it.

A full white color goat scratching her body on the wall A black and a white color goat standing on a rock


Our chèvre is simple, fresh, spreadable and delicious. We do not age this cheese. It has a mild and bright flavor. You can practically taste the sunshine and the fresh air that we enjoy at our farm. This cheese can stand alone with with a piece of crusty bread, on a pizza or as an extra burst of flavor to a salad of fresh greens. We love to mix in olive oil and minced garlic or simply cracked pepper to spread on crackers.

A small white dogs running in green ground A small brown and whitc color kid standing on a ground Close up shot of a brown goat grazing grasses