Miniture Donkeys

Short Leg Farm feels more complete now. Before I started the farm 10 years ago, I used to pull over on the side of the road on my lunch break (I was in the car a lot for my old job) next to a horse farm and watch the donkeys graze with the other horses. I used to dream about what it would feel like to get to work outside all day and along side animals on a farm. I never thought the farm dream would become a reality but it has through a lot of hard work. Over the past 10 years miniature donkeys always seemed out of reach for one reason or another, especially this past year. Things finally fell into place when we heard about these girls needing a new home!



Marigold and Scout are not only adorable creatures but they will serve some real purposes on our farm. Our plan is to start some multi-species grazing to help our soil health and keep parasite levels in check on the pastures without using chemicals. Multi-species grazing is just as important as the diversity of crops, forages, and soil biology on a farm. Pastures that are grazed with multiple species benefit the animals that are grazing and also the plants that grow there. Our goats love to nibble the top portions of plants and the donkeys don’t mind eating the lower portions of the forage that is available. This helps to break break the life cycle of parasites without the use of chemicals or mowing.


Marigold and Scout have a natural curiosity and really enjoy being apart of the social scene. Their favorite part of the day is the evening when we take them for walks on the trail around the farm. The girls are super gregarious animals and are never too far apart from each other. If one stops walking, the other typically stops walking too. Donkeys need the company of at least one  other donkey friend to be happy:) We can’t wait to introduce you to them on one of your next visits to the farm!

miniature donkey