Baby Goat Yoga and Meet Laura

Hi All,

My name is clover. I’m almost 2 years old. I’m a miniature nigerian dairy goat. When I was born, I had 3 older siblings. You see, I was born last. My mom, like other goat moms, only has 2 teats. My older brothers drank so much milk. Mom always saved me some. Needless to say I’m pretty small. I’m a little bigger than that Nugget who was born last year. He has to wear a bell and is so annoying. 

Clover and Laura

Gretta is a human that takes care of me and the other goats. She asked me to write about one of my most favorite human people. Her name is Laura Yougblot. She teaches yoga classes to humans. Laura loves to carry me around. It’s nice because I don’t have to walk as far sometimes. She says out loud that I am her favorite. This always makes Nugget and his brother Marty furious! 

In addition to being my friend, Laura also is a licensed massage therapist and a registered nurse. She knows alot about how human people are put together. Laura has found that teaching yoga is a way to link allopathic and holistic medicine with her varied clientele. She connects western medicine and eastern medicine through mindful movement and breath control while teaching yoga.

Laura and Baby
Laura told me that she enjoys teaching baby goat yoga at Short Leg Farm, because it connects mindful movement with animals and nature. Each participant is challenged to find a balance in being present and having fun with us goats.

Laura says that I am sweet and very playful. I think that Laura is also sweet and sometimes bossy when I try to do my own thing.

Please check out Gretta’s website to learn more about yoga with baby goats and all the other fun things that we do here.

That’s all from here. Have a super week and I hope to meet you at the farm sometime soon.